Help A Child

The Good Kitchen-4-Kids and Global Educational Center, are subsidiaries of Family Christian Cathedral and have a  four-fold mission.

1) To feed hungry children. Currently the ministry’s food program provides free food baskets every weekend to the needy, however, with funding in place we will open the “Good Kitchen-4-Kids and the Global Educational Center.” Children from every background whether their parents are rich or poor are able to come to eat without cost. A nurse is on site at all times for children with special dietary needs.

2) We have compassionate and qualified teachers to help prepare our youth to become productive citizens by providing not only a safe eating environment, but also a cutting edge learning environment that will include computer and math leadershipmedia and entertainment as well as development of their technical skills. Our center is designed to encourage learning in many files in a vibrant environment where they feel loved, challenged, respected and encouraged as they strive to meet the demands of adulthood.

3) We provide professional counseling to discern if a child is in danger of abuse in the home or gang initiation pressure and effect programs that will protect and teach our youth how to “BE safe and LIVE safe”.
4) Establish healthier living and educate our youth on green living.