Good Kitchen-4-KidZs has served as the Los Angeles and South Bay Hub and

host site for Health and Wellness Community programs that promote civic

engagement activities and opportunities for youth ages 0-18.  FCC funds will

go to GK4K activities, food distribution services, providing scholarships for

under privileged children and our outreach ministry which includes but is not

limited to:

-Tutoring, training, musical and praise dance instruction.

–  Production of our food and youth programs.

–  Grants and scholarships for children and teens to help them in school the coming year and college preparation.

We work hard to give our children encouragement to stay in school and keep a positive attitude. We cordially invite your organization to become a contributing partner in joining with us in our 305-Operation Bless The Children Food and Toy Drive held on December 23, 2011 at 11:00 AM. We will be honoring 305 youths that include: Military Dependents, Skid Row Residents and Children who have lost their siblings to violence. Below are the following Service Learning community volunteer opportunities proposed for the 2012 year:

*Angel Food Gift Box Program *Metro College Transportation Relief Program

*HIV/AIDS Awareness *Youth Summer Mentoring Program

*Macy’s Community & Shop for a Cause Concert *People Experiencing Homelessness Sunday Brunch

Sponsors can choose to add their company name to banners, t-shirts, and flyers displayed at our event and on our website! Help us in being good neighbors to our community. Our programs promote goodwill, encouragement and hope to thousands of youth per year. We are excited about having your company as a contributing partner this year and thank you for your time, consideration and generosity.   To donate, please use the button below.

We really need your support – so thanks, and we hope to hear from you soon!

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